It was raining outside and I was waiting to get wet,

was caught in my room alone and furious.

On a beautiful morning I was sitting by the window,

Suddenly the doors closed,

the sky became cloudy and the time passed steadily.

The doors were closed, the roads were empty,

The sun was dazzling, the moon was shining,

Yet I was caught in darkness.

Everything was same just my world was caught in my room.

The endless wait and the endless hopes!

I feel stuffed and suffocated,

Wanted to fly high but my wings were cutted off,

Wanted to run but the grounds were seized

The sun was there but sunlight was lost,

The night was there but dreams were lost.

I gained a lot off patience but my goals were lost.

But I’m still waiting to be free!

Regardless all it feels to be alone, it feels to be lost.

Not knowing where it’ll take me.

Just endless pain and worthless hopes.

Everything breaking down like the end of my world,

Seems like the past was a fake thing and present is nothing!

A sigh with some deep scars growing inside and making it difficult and uncomfortable.

Till when it’ll last??


Under the blue sky, in front of the deep ocean

I found myself,

Whirling around the scenery

in search of my own reflection,

Thoughts moving back and forth

going down sinking in the ocean.

I’m lost, for a while not being myself

I lost!

Whirling around like being caught in whirlpool.

Waving on the ocean,

I experience shift in my life.

So many ups and downs, rise and falls.

But still wandering in search of my aspiration,

I lost, I’m lost…

In search of my voice,

I lost my way but

kept on walking not to trace it and go back,

Leaving the things behind I keep walking.

To find my happiness, to persuade my dream,

I’ll keep ongoing.

I’ve lost everything that I’ve nothing left to lose.

So I’ll keep going (dreaming).


The crowd is eating me, slowly eating me

I’m being vanished, slowly disappearing.

I wanted to be outstanding, but everyone made me stand out.

My silence nomore makes them worried nor my words have any influence.

All the pain was always hidden with tears,

And the hardships never showed their existence.

Everyone believes what they want to,

cause lies have a louder voice to make them feel like truth.

The biggest smile hides the biggest pain!

When you need me I have to be there, but when I want you you’re just nowhere?

I want to be strong, more and more strong

Cause no one is capable enough to endure my feelings.

You might think I’m too dreamy or I’m saying too lousy things

But they aren’t meaningless, without dreams I might not have the courage to take it and move on.

My tears are dried just the smile appears,

Everyone leaving me behind,no one being courteous.

My single failure destructed their belief on me,

They turned over and leave me be?

They do diss me at my back,

But they can’t even have courage to make eye contact.

The meaning of their words, their actions in my worst,

Made my trust shaken, left me alone and broken!

My failure do changed into success

But their words can’t be replaced,

Their actions can’t be redone,

The scar in my heart can’t be removed,

And the time will never be repaired!

I can’t make everyone to think good about me,

But I want to be able to make them think good about themselves.

Being able to be their smiles, to remove darkness and enlighten their lives.

And tell them, It’s okay

The rain of happiness will make their life lively and will wash all their worries.😃


Days come and go, many seasons passed by.

The blowing wind makes me shiver,

Every falling leaf makes my heart cringe, hoping that everything can stop

and I can live in this moment forever.

My Youth just passing by!

After sometime I’ll be twenty, the end of my teenage.

Teen, Not just a period of living but full of energy,

when risks are taken,many mistakes are done,

some moments are unforgettable,some are unbearable,

But this time, it won’t come back.

I’m not regretting it, but will move forward having all the memories in my heart.

All those miseries we’ve done, being punished, laughing, dancing and singing together.

We never celebrated birthdays nor had new year parties,

but everyday we spent together was like a festival.

I don’t want to change a single thing not even the worst experience,

Cause all those led me here, made me what I am.

When I look back in time, everything feels like a huge ocean

filled with surprises and Now we are here at the horizon,

where the sun is about to set!

But this is how it is supposed to be, our carefree days are about to end,

but as after every fullstop a new phrase starts

Our new time,a new chapter of our life is about to begin.

Let’s come back here after five or ten years and

enjoy these moments again with those peoples

who’ve accompanied you throughout this time

who were your deskmates, punishment partner or secret keeper.

And live those moments again.

I love my YOUTH


We were stranger’s, we met but we’re still unknown to each other.

All this time you were with me but when I turned around

to see you everything become misty.

I thought I was approaching towards the end of this Deja Vu

But it’s just start of my Jamais Vu.

Things were never easy and not now

from the time you turned in everything became approachable.

The feelings I’ve for you are subtle,

nor my tears neither my smile can describe it.

You’re like sunlight which makes everything visible.

I got to understand,

Beyond the dark night there is always sunrise,

there are moon and stars to show path in the darkness.

Besides you there is nothing for me which is unapproachable, inevitable, understandable and unknown.

You’re like a beautiful potrait but why can’t I see you,

after these much sufferings why can’t I experience you.

I’m thinking of you and looking at the sky but it turned out to be cloudy,

even the flowers left without blooming.

Never thought it will be like this.

The clock keeps tickling, along with my heart is racing

It’s echo is calling you hoping to find you.

Nor the depth of an ocean nor the height of the mountain is able.

You travel like a ray of light and the scattering causes me fall like a droplet of rain.

This is happening since the first time I felt your existence

I’ll always keep these memories with me and live on,

I know you’re always there for me.


Bright like a rising sun,

Colourful with dreams,

Ambitious to achieve something great.

Full of desires to accomplish dreams.

Like a flowing river meeting into the ocean of friendship,

A time more than childhood miseries, less than adulthood duties,

A time to shine and enjoy the freedom of nature.

Youth, not a state of mind or a matter of age,

But a place where we learn the meaning of life,friendship,

passion and togetherness.

A time when we become mature,a time which decides

our future,a time when we fall,we learn and but keep going.

It gives meaning to our lives,fills strength in our wings,

empties the whole sky for us to find us way and to fly high.

An unforgettable time, unbeatable experience of friendship,

A time which will not come back again but never lost

from memories.

Enjoy your youth, snatch it from time, fly high in the sky,

become a star and shine bright till millennium.


You’re the star in the sky,I’m a particle of sand.

Everyone says I can’t reach you,may be

But I’ve always loved you whole heartedly

and it will never fade.

No matter what happens, I’ll always love you

I’ll always be by your side.

I can’t help you shine but can encourage,

No matter it will reflect back to me or not

But as far as I can see your bright smile I can deal with anything.

Can’t say we’ll meet or not, but you’ll always be my ruby.

Love is really simple but it is not same towards everyone

may be others have similar feeling as I’ve for you,

But you’ll always be my precious little thing.

Your image is not so clear in my heart,

But the real one in you became my imagination.

Someday we’ll definitely meet in this infinite universe

and share our stories with each other,

and write a new story together.

And from that day I want to become the smile on your face

and the path towards your dreams.

You’re My Sunshine (for BTS)💜

It’s dark inside, outside,I was fighting

I got down, anxious,it was frustrating.

I lost trust,I lost hope,I lost myself

But you came and told me to Love Myself.

I loved me,I loved you,I loved everyone

You lit my life and became my sunshine.

I was freezing in cold,but you came with warmth.

You’re my spring day that come after forever rain.

You’re Moonchild,my Anpanman,my Winter bear who can Make it Right

You’re Dope my Friend who made me Begin,

You’re my Ego, First love, Just one day came to me,to take me beyond the Lie of this world.

You’re the Hope of my day,my Agust D,

You’re RapMonster,my Jungkook,V

You’re Jin,Jimin my sunshine.

You’re like a Shadow who’s Always with me.

Our Dream glow our Heartbeats

Hoping for A Brand New Day,

We spend All Nights, Awake

We’re Young Forever, together forever

Like sunshine we’ll make this world brighter.💜

3 years of BTS’s Love Myself campaign 💜


I was a seed lost in the ground embedded

after I saw you shining I came out.

Your love nourished me

I started growing day by day looking at you.

You started my life, you keep me growing and complete my life.

Every morning I look at you,

as day passes I turn around you,

on a cloudy day I wait for your bright smile.

as night falls I look forward towards the next morning hoping to grow more,

to be able to smile brightly as you.

Without you my life has no existence

my name starts with you,

my life depends on you,

your nourishment keeps me growing,

your love and care keeps me shining.

We coexist together from a long time to a long time.

I’ll wait for you on the cloudy day, even in a cold breeze and hot wave.

It’s you who made me and this will keep going for

ever and ever…

I will be there for you…💜

A love so beautiful,a little tactful

makes me want to be with you,

You can’t come to me,so I,

The path reaching you is so hard and I’m tired walking on it

but still somewhere I’m willing to be with you,

I can’t see you crying, your tears makes me cringe,

I’ll be there whenever you need me,

like a shadow protecting you quitely even in the darkness,

I’m always there for you.

In the world full of hardships,in the world full of sadness,

I’ll be the smile on your face.

Seating on the seashore, holding hand in hand with you,

under the moonlight beautiful,

I promise you I’ll be with you,

I promise you I’ll be there for you.

It doesn’t matter how hard the situation is

when you look into your heart you’ll always find me.💜

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